Piedmont Driving Club
Est. 1978

To DRIVE a horse, pony or other equine at any Club event, you must first be a MEMBER, however you must also be certified “safe to drive” by the PDC Board.

How do I do this? You must either submit 2 recommendations from someone acceptable to the Board concerning your abilities as a whip OR you must be evaluated by a qualified person of the Board’s choice.

Who would be “acceptable” to the Board? Previous trainers from whom you learned to drive, persons who can verify your experience in showing carriage horses or persons who can attest to your proficiency in driving with other carriage clubs or commercially.

What skills must I be able to demonstrate? Your horse must be sound and suitable to the task of pulling a cart or carriage. Your harness must be safe and suitable. Your cart or carriage must be in good repair. You must be able to drive your horse IN COMPANY, that is it must be comfortable going in front or following behind other horses that are in harness. It must also tolerate on-coming carriage traffic. Your horse should be manageable on public roads and around other farm animals (herds of cattle, chickens, pigs and so forth). You must be willing and able to comply with PDC By-Laws.

You must complete all forms, sign waivers and pay your dues BEFORE you drive with the Club. This will include your responsibility to read and agree to comply with the “Rules of the Road”, as adopted by the PDC Board. As a member of the PDC you will be expected to contribute and participate at events through hosting picnics, rest stops and/or assisting with other duties at carriage demonstrations, shows or similar events.

What if I just want to be a “social” member?
The PDC does not have a separate category for social members, however you do NOT need to drive or even possess a horse or carriage to become a member. You will be welcome at all Club events and your support of the Club will be appreciated. The dues, however, for driving and non-driving members are the same. Like driving members, you will be expected to contribute to Club activities, as in hosting picnics, rest stops, or assisting with other duties at carriage demonstrations, shows or similar events.
As a member of the PDC, whether or not you drive with us, you must be a willing ambassador for the art and sport of carriage driving. Members need to embrace the traditions of the sport and conduct themselves in a manner which, at all times, displays appreciation for the equines that make it possible!

To join please download and fill out the 2019 PDC Membership Application and PDC Release Form. Send with dues to:
PDC Treasurer : Cindy Stylianos 13846 Blackwells Mill RD  Goldvein, VA 22720

PLEASE JOIN US .. TO DRIVE, or Just to Enjoy the Ride!

How to join
PDC Membership Application
PDC Release Form
PDC By-Laws