Piedmont Driving Club
Est. 1978


The Piedmont Driving Club was established in 1978 and is the oldest    

carriage driving club in Northern Virginia. The Club is governed by an

elected Board, adheres to a set of by-laws, and carries insurance for all

of its activities. Membership is open not only to persons who actively

drive carriages, but also to any person who might want to serve as a

groom, become involved in carriage restoration, photography of turn-outs,

or who might want to assist the Club by providing driving venues, hosting

picnics, or helping with other activities in which the Club engages.

In recent years, the Club has focused primarily on “picnic” drives, meaning
that we gather at specific venues and drive a course which has been
                                                                       marked, or for which a map has been prepared. Afterwards, participants
                                                                       partake of a traditional picnic. Distances vary from 3-4 miles up to 10                                                                                   miles, ​depending upon the time of year and the terrain. Some drives are                                                                             “head to tail”, requiring equines that can go quietly in company and are                                                                               comfortable with carriages in front and behind. Other drives are “go as                                                                               you please”, where the person driving (hereinafter called a “whip”) can                                                                                 choose their own distance and pace. The Club seeks to accommodate                                                                                 “green” equines, (those in training) as well as to refine the skills of the                                                                                  more experienced whips and equines.

The Club is proud to have among its members several persons of national prominence (including a certified Coaching Judge and a Virginia State Representative of the Carriage Association of America), as well as persons who have achieved significant success in Combined Driving Events and other carriage competitions. The Club is fortunate to include some members who train carriage horses and teach driving. Other members have made noteworthy contributions to the world of equine art and literature. But mostly we’re “just folks” and whether or not we are new to the sport, we share the joy and passion of driving and all that it has to offer. Each member is valued for his/her unique and individual contributions.